Jan 23 2020

Transporting chemicals is no easy task and requires versatile tankers that can handle a range of different products, sometimes all at once. Byford Equipment has the ideal portfolio to meet that challenge, as McColl’s transport discovered.

Designed to handle various types of liquid with the purpose of maximising productivity, the new chemical tanker B-double combination Byford Equipment has built for McColl’s Transport is proof that the Moama-based tanker specialist can satisfy any request, at any time. It is the first chemical tanker built for the long-standing McColl’s business – which has only purchased nondangerous goods tankers from Byford in the past, mostly for milk and wine transport – but meets the same, high quality standard in every respect.

According to Byford, the unusual McColl’s order is the result of a ’right place, right time’ scenario: “McColl’s needed a B-double tanker for a new contract. Even though we had only built food grade milk and wine tankers for it before, manufacturing chemicals tankers is another part of our ever-evolving business, so we were more than happy to take up the challenge,” says Greg Cantwell, Sales Engineer at Byford. “What this shows is that we are a flexible brand that can deliver whatever the customer wants and when they need it. McColl’s operates on a 24/7 schedule, which means this B-double combination needed to be spot on and ready to deploy.”

The new chemical tri-tri B-double combination is made up of a 19,000 litre A-tanker and a 34,000 litre B-tanker. Both are based on Byford’s fully polished sub frame design that is welded onto the chassis, while the tank barrels are built from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. “The B-double will have a total capacity of more than 53,000-litres across eight different compartments, three in the front tanker and five in the rear, ”Greg says. “After all, transporting chemicals is not a standard job and some of the product is normally transported at elevated temperatures, in liquid form, to allow ease of handling; so precision and cleanliness are paramount. That’s why the tank has to be perfectly sealed, and why Byford spends a lot of money on flawless equipment.” The Byford team describes the McColl’s B-double as a ”multi-functional” combination that is suitable for up to three different classes of liquids. “This means it can carry various products, ranging from food grade ethanol, styrene monomer and ethyl acetate to resins, ammonia and caustic soda, which are classified as either flammable, toxic, corrosive or miscellaneous chemicals,” he says. “Since it also boasts eight compartments, the B-double can deliver multiple products on the same trip, which will boost productivity for McColl’s.” To get the multi-compartment combination just right, the B-double’s blueprints were reviewed in detail by McColl’s fleet, operations and maintenance staff prior to production.

“This allowed McColl’s to make adjustments and suggestions helping us to deliver the safest, most user-friendly tanker while keeping in mind all its requirements,” explains Greg. “We’ve also fitted enhancements such as Liquip PV401 and PV V 201 vents, internal quick shuts, top loaders and Scully technology, which is an on-board overfill prevention system.” To ensure full stability on any surface, the combination is fitted with the latest in disc brake and EBS technology. On the OH&S side, Byford has fitted all the necessary safety features that will keep McColl’s drivers on top of the workload and out of harm’s way. “To maximise safety, we have also fitted with SAF-HOLLAND Intradisc-Integral suspension and WABCO ABS/EBS,” Greg says. “In addition, both tankers include lockout bars fitted to the outlet manifolds, ladders and a vapour recovery system interconnected to brakes on trailers.”

According to Greg, the features on McColl’s new B-double combination make it one of the most versatile units Byford has ever manufactured. “It’s a really versatile unit and we consider the Byford name a versatile brand. We’re about improving our clients’ operations, but doing so with a huge focus on safety and build quality.” He concludes, “We have no doubt this will give McColl’s plenty of versatility in its everyday operation. The B-double has been designed to carry multiple products and we’re really excited to see how this combination will unfolds in the coming months.”