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Thursday NHVR and Dairy Industry meeting 07-09-2017

After a frustrated call from an operator about lack of access for one of Byford’s 26m A-Double tankers, Compliance Manager Chris Nisbet spoke to Peter Caprioli, the head of Access at the NHVR about the challenge faced by the collective Farm Collection operators. Peter immediately offered to send his team down if Chris could coordinate a meeting of interested parties to work together on finding a solution to these challenges.

Chris was able to arrange a meeting for the key dairy company’s compliance staff within the week, and last Thursday the group came together in Altona to discuss the challenges.

The NHVR portal has been challenging to use with constant updates keeping everyone on their toes but with John Barry the portal developer also present, he was able to show the group some tips and tricks to help us use the system better.

The development of a Dairy Network layer incorporating all the Australian dairy farmer GPS locations was also discussed, so access maps can be created to request councils support in gazetting roads required to improve access for larger and more efficient milk collection vehicles.

The NHVR have already begun to create the Dairy Network and even have “Cows” as location points on the map. With further support from the parties around the table at the meeting this could be achieved sooner rather than later.

Chris would like to thank the Dairy companies for working together on this initiative and also to Peter and the team at the NHVR for their ongoing support of improving access for the dairy sector that makes up a large part of the Byford Equipment business.


Friday BSW Dairy Supply Chain Study

Compliance Manager Chris Nisbet found himself as part of a steering committee at a Dairy Supply Chain meeting conducted by the Barwon South West Region.

With representatives from VicRoads, Transport for Victoria, Western District local shires, dairy and farm supply transport companies and community representatives, it made for a very diverse group of members.

Finding of $250,000 has been provided from Transport Victoria (Vic Gov), Agriculture Infrastructure & jobs fund (Vic Gov), Transport Investing in Regions Initiative (Vic Gov) Great South Coast Group, Corangamite, Moyne, Warrnambool, Southern Grampians and Colac Otway Shires, to assist the steering committee in “the study” developing an investment plan for the road network serving the dairy industry. This will include, data collection, supply chain mapping, road and bridge asset data collection and analysis of economic analysis.

Work Chris is doing with the NHVR to create the Dairy Network will be invaluable in supporting the Steering Committee and their efforts over the next 6-8 months.

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