Silos, Tanks & Vessels

Silos, Tanks & Vessels


Byford Equipment is one of the industry leaders in the design and fabrication of atmospheric storage tanks, process vessels and pressure vessels for leaders of the Australian Dairy, Wine & Olive, Food and Beverage, as well as Petroleum and Chemical Industries. Byford Equipment has cemented our place as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel storage vessels for milk, wine, water, chemicals, liquid fertilise, grain, gypsum, stockfeed and more.

Innovative solutions for your unique needs: Byford Equipment can fabricate your specialty equipment from supplied engineered drawings or to our in house designs. From a small custom job to large proprietary equipment, our fabrication capabilities will deliver the highest quality equipment, on time and on budget.

Transport and Relocation Services: At Byford equipment, we transport what we make and can install your silo, vessel or tank on site. Byford Equipment has the experience and equipment to offer a relocation service for your existing silos, vessels and tanks. We can also perform on site equipment inspections and reporting.

Byford Equipment’s world leading production facility in Echuca Moama (VIC) has the capacity to fabricate silos up to 25.4m high and up to 6.0m in diameter. We fabricate silos, vessels and tanks in materials such as carbon steel, from standard austenitic grades such as 304 and 316 through to super austenitic grades such as SAF2205 and 904L. Our tanks are fabricated using our semi automated MIG and TIG welding equipment to maximise weld consistency, quality and appearance.

Stress free, scratch free and perfectly symmetrical dishes: Byford Equipment fabricates all our dished heads on site using a hydrostatic expansion technique. Dished heads, torispherical heads, flat heads and cones are available from 1.6mm thick to 8mm thick and up to 6.0 metres diameter. All dished heads are available with a range of external knuckle radii.

Storage and process vessels for the Dairy, Wine and Food Industry:

  • Byford Equipment can fabricate vessels and silos specific to your requirements, from 200 litres up to 500,000 litres.
  • Vessels and silos of this size are built at our purpose built facility in Moama and transported to site; vessels and silos above 500,000 litres are built at your site.

Byford Equipment Wine Fermenters and Storage Tanks:

Servicing the exacting standards of the wine industry.

  • Wine storage tanks vary in capacity from 1,000 litres to 1.1million litres.
  • Fermenting tanks vary in capacity from 20,000 litres to 278,000 litres. We manufacture a range of fermenters specific to your requirements, with various capacities including:
  • Static Red Fermenter
  • Sweep Arm Fermenter

At Byford Equipment, we are extending our wine product range into manufacturing grape receival bins and other wine equipment.

Horizontal Storage Vessels

  • Byford Equipment can design and fabricate horizontal storage vessels suitable for any food products, unique to your needs.

Byford Equipment Tank, Silo and Vessel fabrication capabilities:

  • Factory-built tanks ranging from 500-litre to 400,000-litre capacity.
  • Factory-built equipment up to 25.4m high and up to 7.0m in diameter.
  • Site-built tanks up to 1,000,000-litre capacity.
  • Available in grades 304, 316 or Duplex stainless steels including LDX 2101, SAF 2205 and 904L.
  • Flat sloping, domed or conical bases on concrete plinth, skirt or legs to suit your drainage and access requirements.
  • Full range of access manholes, valves and fittings.
  • Spot welded dimple plate/cavity wrap to manage temperature in low (1,300kPa), or high (2,250kPa) pressure ratings.
  • Agitation to suit individual needs.
  • On-ground or elevated installation.
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation.

Byford Equipment Dairy Industry Tank Silo & Vessel options:

  • Buffer, balance and sludge tanks.
  • Yoghurt blending, batching and fermentation tanks.
  • Milk and raw product storage tanks (vertical and horizontal).
  • CIP and treated water tanks.
  • Bag filters.
  • Powder silos.

Byford Equipment Wine & Olive Industry Tank, Silo & Vessel Options:

  • Buffer, balance and sludge tanks.
  • Wine storage tanks.
  • Oil storage tanks.
  • Static, Sweeper arm and open top fermenters.
  • Rectangular tipping fermenters.
  • Grape receival hoppers.
  • Olive Malaxers.

Byford Equipment Food and Beverage Industry Tank, Silo & Vessel Options:

  • Powder silos.
  • Water and product storage silos.
  • Oil storage silos.
  • Bag filters.

Byford Equipment Petroleum and Chemical Industry Tank, Silo & Vessel Options:

  • Biodiesel production tanks and vessels.
  • Biodiesel storage tanks
  • Chemical dosing tanks.
  • Chemical storage tanks.