"…double the previous milk flow rate"

"Shane Fry, Byford’s Production Manager, explained just what went into the finished tanker product. To double the previous speed of the milk flow rate from 650 litres a minute using the old boot-mounted units, to around 1400 litres in the same time, we installed twin pumping systems which included 4”piping, strainers and swivel bends. Shane added that one of the many innovative Byford designs found on the Fonterra tankers is their double-sided, truck-mounted hose reel featuring 4” pipe work."

Shane Fry, Byford’s Production Manager,

"…they’ll make it happen"

"I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Byford’s their equipment is second to none. Their approach to business and their approach to repairs is exceptional. Nothing ever seems like a problem to them. They are always able to meet our timelines - even out of hours requests – they are always able to meet our needs. If we say we need it fixed at midnight, they’ll have people there to make it happen."

"…Byford’s advantage"

"I am an independent contract engineer working predominantly in the Dairy Industry. I have worked with Byford Equipment for approximately 12 years, most recently when I was called as first response to a catastrophic silo failure in Tasmania. The event caused a total damage bill of approximately $5 million to four silos and related infrastructure. The base dropped out of a silo holding 300 tonnes of fluid, which also caused a wall failure at the base of the barrel. The silo fell and extensively damaged the neighbouring silo before the wreckage crashed into the third, creating a wave that sucked the side of the silo in. The fourth silo was unaffected by the incident but was found to have the same structural design fault as the first silo that had failed. These silos were all 250 and 300m3 capacities – representing some of the larger hygienic milk silos in Australia.We went to market and competitively tendered the work for two new silos and the replacement barrels for repair of two silos. Byford Equipment won the contract on their merits, price and delivery times. Byford Equipment achieved the requisite rapid turn around - the failure occurred in early April and the silos were back on line by mid-July. This was despite the transport challenges Tasmania presents, with relatively small ferries and large silos. Byford’s advantage in this respect was that they own the silo transport trailer, allowing them to beat competitors on price and timelines. The other attractive feature of Byford Equipment is they have a long-standing history of engaging structural engineers to do finite element analysis of high stress points in their silo design. Finite element analysis ensures the design, welding techniques and material selections are appropriate in the critical highly stressed zones of a silo. As our Root Cause Analysis proved, a stress failure had lead to the Tasmanian event, Byford’s history of this practice stood them in good stead."

Independent contract engineer,

"the direction…in future"

"We have purchased new tankers from Byford Equipment, including 19 metre B-doubles and tri-axle single trailers. We recently purchased a front-loading pump module that has proven to be very successful and has received excellent driver acceptance. I would [dare] say these hose reels will be the direction our company will be taking in future."