A Tanker Like No Other

A Tanker Like No Other

The Performance-Based Standards Scheme continues to gain traction in Australia and inspired Byford to develop an innovative 26m A-double tanker combination. Set to hit the roads in 2014, the new PBS model could take tanker manufacturing in Australia to a new level.

In 2014, family-owned transport equipment specialist Byford will introduce a new PBS-approved 26m MAXLESS A-double tanker to its product portfolio. Said to be an industry first, the patented PBS concept could be a game changer for the bulk liquid market and has everyone at the Moama-based business excited.

“We believe the A-double is a revolutionary concept and represents all the Byford ideals of creating smarter, cleaner, and easier-to-operate solutions for our clients,” says Managing Director, Gary Byford.

“We’ve invested heavily into research and development, and the result of those efforts will open up a whole lot of possibilities for our customers – not only in terms of payload, but also regarding flexibility and ease of use.” The new 26m A-double combination can accommodate up to 26,750 litres in both tankers and is capable of carrying a whole range of different loads – from bitumen and chemical products to wine and dairy. “It’s one of the most flexible units we’ve ever designed and suitable enough to cart just about any type of liquid,” says General Manager, Lindsay Furness. “In terms of capacity, the A-double is capable of achieving a gross mass of up to 70 tonnes, but we plan to increase that number to as much as 74.5 tonnes, pending further approvals.”

A key feature of the PBS A-double is its manoeuvrability, made possible by the use of steerable axles on both tankers, as well as a steerable bogey dolly. “The goal of this combination is to maximise manoeuvrability as much as possible for the end user and a tighter swept path,” Lindsay says. “This makes the A-double farm pick-up suitable for operators who need to access sites that have tight roads and entrances.”

According to Lindsay, while the steer axles maximise manoeuvrability, they can only be used on low speed runs for loading and unloading. “The steer axles are automatically locked via the EBS once the A-double reaches speeds above 35km/h in order to reduce wear,” he explains.

The emphasis on manoeuvrability also means Byford’s new A-double can boast a 6.33m swept path. “It’s very user-friendly and the 6.33m swept path is a huge factor, particularly when you consider the swept path for most conventional 19m B-doubles is roughly 6.7m,” Lindsay says.

Now part of Byford’s general production cycle, the PBS combination was first unveiled at this year’s International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne. “We had the unit on our stand and it certainly generated plenty of interest from visitors,” Gary says. “In fact, we were able to quote several national transport fleets and we’re anticipating more orders will follow.”

Quotes for the 26m A-double, however, aren’t the only thing Byford anticipates. “We’re in the final stages of developing a new 20m MAXLESS general access farm pickup PBS A-double,” Lindsay says. “This 20m A-double will also utilise all the same design principles as the 26m PBS combination. Byford always puts the clients first and that means providing as many tanker options and support as possible at any given time. This 20m PBS A-double combination is an extension of that customer-driven service.”

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