About Us

About Us

Since 1975, Byford Equipment has proven to be a leader in the design and fabrication of tankers made from stainless steel, duplex metals and aluminium for the food, wine and chemicals industries. We constantly strive to set the industry benchmark in innovation, quality, productivity and service.

In our role as an industry-leader, we create innovative solutions for the transport and storage of milk, wine, water, bitumen, chemicals, liquid fertiliser, grain, gypsum and stockfeed. To do so, we work closely with operators to design, fabricate and repair tankers, silos and vessels and service some of Australia’s leading names in the food, wine and chemicals industries.

As a result of these efforts, our stainless steel tankers, tippers, vessels and silos are smarter, cleaner, better looking and easier to operate – designed and manufactured for the toughest of terrains.

Our current product range includes tankers made from carbon and stainless steel, duplex metals and aluminium, with configurations ranging from simple semi-trailers to B-doubles, B-triple and even road trains – all built to the relevant ADR regulations. We also specialise in bulk storage silos for milk, wine and chemicals – designed to AS1210, AS1692 and API650 with high and low pressure pre-formed cavity plates.

For the wine industry, Byford Equipment’s vertical silos – from 15,000 litres up to 1,000,000 litres –have been constructed for some of the biggest wine growing groups in Australia, manufactured using food grade stainless steel to the highest quality.

A History of Innovation

In 1975, Gary and Irene Byford began repairing milk tankers for Kraft Foods as a sideline to their dairy business. Demand for their services grew quickly, and a few short years later operations moved from the pair’s farm shed to a purpose-built manufacturing plant in Strathmerton, Victoria. Byford Equipment was born.

By staying close to the dairy industry and listening to the operational and safety needs of its customers, Byford Equipment went on to pioneer a number of innovations in milk transport that have remained the industry standard until today: From increasing tanker capacity from 9,500 to 17,000 litres at minimal additional cost in 1983; to the introduction of bottom entry man-ways and automatic fail safe breathers in 1984; all the way through to the inclusion of the first computerised milk volume metering equipment in Australia ten years later; the company continues to set the innovation benchmark.

Until today, innovation is the driving force behind Byford Equipment and deeply ingrained in its corporate DNA – changing the game with every new product release. Following that principle, founder Gary Byford can still be spotted at truck stops across the country talking to operators about their tankers and how to make their job quicker, easier, safer and more comfortable – even though the company has grown to a six-hectare, 70-people operation.

Gary’s unwavering commitment to continous improvement has recently led the introduction of next-generation demountable pump module retractable hose reels, which changed the game in terms of relocation and again set the innovation bar high.

Evolution of Innovation



1966: Gary Byford’s early career
Gary Byford starts his boiler making apprenticeship. Five years later, 21-year-old Gary is promoted to factory supervisor.

1975: Repairs
As a sideline to the family dairy business, Gary begins repairing milk transport tankers.

1978-1979: Strathmerton
Demand dictates the construction of a new, purpose-built factory in Strathmerton, Victoria.

1982: Fabrication
Byford Equipment fabricates its first silo.

1983: Tanker
Byford Equipment refurbishes and extends a used tanker to increase the capacity from 9,500 litres to 18,000 litres for a third of the price of a new tanker.

1984: Bottom man-ways
Byford Equipment introduces and patents bottom entry man-ways, bottom CIP lines, vertical hose swivels and automatic fail safe breathers to tankers. These innovations quickly become – and still remain – the industry standard.

1992: Light-weight solution
Incorporating inverted cone bases and light-weight sheet cladding, Byford Equipment introduces light-weight silos to the dairy and agricultural industries.

1994: Boot-mounted retractable hose reels
Byford Equipment introduces boot mounted retractable hose reels to the milk transport industry. In both vertical and horizontal configurations, they feature Australia’s first computer-controlled milk volume metering equipment. Now the industry standard, these innovations remain a feature of all Byford Equipment pumping systems.

1996: Fabrication
Byford Equipment introduces the first demountable pump module (DPM) retractable hose reel. Mounted on the prime mover, it can be easily relocated between vehicles when needed.

2000: Side Winder
The first prime mover-mounted, horizontal ‘Side Winder’ retractable hose reel is being introduced to the industry by Byford Equipment.

2004: Moama move
Byford Equipment builds a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Moama, New South Wales.

2005: Hose reels
Byford Equipment introduces the horizontal drum, truck-mounted, retractable hose reel.

2006: Vertical hose reel
Byford Equipment’s vertical drum, truck-mounted retractable hose reel is introduced.

2010: DPMII launch
The next generation of demountable pump module (DPMII) retractable hose reels is launched. It can be mounted on the prime mover or the front of a trailer and quickly relocated between units or for maintenance.

2011: Bitumen tanker
Byford Equipment fabricates its first bitumen tanker.

Industry Firsts

  • 1984 - Design concept developed for a 19m B-double with bottom entry manholes and retractable hose reel and pumping equipment mounted vertically behind the prime mover cabin. Now used widely throughout the industry.
  • 1988 - 25,000-litre bogie axle farm pickup milk tanker.
  • 1989 - 25,000-litre bogie axle farm pickup milk tanker with (BPW) airbag suspension.
  • 1992 - 27,000-litre tri-axle farm pickup milk tanker.
  • 1995 - 28,500-litre tri-axle farm pickup milk tanker.
  • 2001 - 30,000-litre tri-axle “Fat Boy” farm pickup milk tanker, fitted with our Side Winder pumping equipment and computer-controlled metering system.
  • 2004 - Fully welded, hydraulically dished baffles to reduce cracking, replacing pin and cup mounted baffles.
  • 2010 - 30,000-litre tri-axle “Fat Boy” farm pickup milk tanker with demountable” pump module and retractable hose reel and computer-controlled metering system mounted vertically on the front of the trailer.

After Sales Support and Warranties

Since 1975, Byford Equipment has established a reputation for innovation, responsiveness and the reliability of our tankers, tippers, silos and vessels. Our longevity in the industry, our continued growth and the strength of our relationships with leaders in the milk, wine and chemicals transport industries are testament to the quality of our product.

Byford Equipment tankers, silos and vessels are engineered to last regardless of terrain, and we stand behind every piece of storage or transport equipment we design, manufacture or repair. We offer a two (2) year, 200,000 km warranty on all Byford Equipment. Pick up the phone and talk to us about Byford Equipment’s aftersales support and product warranties.

Industry Awards

We are proud to be recognised by our peers in the road transport industry for the following achievements:

  • 2008 International Trailers, Truck & Equipment Show: Winner - Best Stand - Customer Service Approach Exhibiting Company.
  • 2005 Powercor Australia & Campaspe Murray Business Achievement Awards: Winner - Ausindustry Manufacturing Category.